Thanks for reviewing our tips for preparing your home for a photo shoot! Professional quality photos are so important to market your home as buyers, investors and even renters choose the homes they want to preview in person by the quality of photos. We can use your assistance in making your photos the best they can be!


PLEASE do NOT schedule any showings, landscaping, deliveries, pickups or any contractor or other service of any kind during your 1-2 hour photo/video shoot. We allot a specific amount of time on our schedule for each service you choose. If we spend too much time waiting for others to be out of the way and/or with our preparation of your property we reserve the right to charge for extra time.

PLEASE do your very best to prepare your property with the following suggestions. Doing so, will save us all time, your costs and produce the highest quality for you!


KITCHEN: remove most items from the counters. You may leave few decorations but limit countertop appliances. Uncluttered is the key, but a few items are OK. Additionally, remove dish towels, spices, food containers, pet dishes, trash cans and everything from outside of the refrigerator unless it really adds to the aesthetics.

WINDOWS: should be open to let in as much natural light as possible unless the view is poor. Professionally cleaned windows would be ideal as clean windows look better and also let in more light than dirty ones.

LIGHTS: all lights should be on for photos including, but not limited to, side tables, nightstands, etc.

FANS: all ceiling fans should be off for photos.

BULBS: it is best not to have different types of bulbs. Have either all LED, fluorescent or incandescent bulbs. And, please make sure all bulbs are in working order.

PILLOWS: please straighten/fluff your pillows in all rooms.

TRASH: please hide all trash cans, plungers, toilet brushes and cleaning supplies and any unsightly items.

RELIGION, POLITICS, DIPLOMAS and family photos: it is best to remove or limit any references to religion or politics, as well as diplomas or other personal property and photos.

REMOVE any stickers or magnets from your appliances.

CATS: please hide cat(s), any toys and litter box during the shoot.

ROOMS: Eliminate as much clutter as possible, including children’s toys, clothing, newspapers/magazines etc. Remove anything from the floor and hide wires/cords/automatics vacuums, etc. as much as possible.  

BATHROOMS: Remove toiletries and personal items from bathroom counters, close toilet seats and only have fresh cleaned towels present.

BEDS: have all beds made neatly avoiding wrinkles and remove any personal items from beds, floors and dressers.

NAMES: we suggest removing any photos, frames etc. that have yours or your children(s)’ names on them for privacy.  

DESKS: hide or unplug unsightly cables/wires, stack or remove papers and straighten up any bookcases, computers and monitors.  


FRONT: remove vehicles, trash cans, rodent control and alarm signs from driveway and front of the property.  It is best to sweep or blow away loose leaves or debris.

FRONT/BACK: remove any hoses, sprinklers, garden tools, toys, trash etc. 

LANDSCAPE: lawn mowed, shrubs/bushes/flowers trimmed and free of weeds.

DOGS: one of the most important things is to be sure to remove any and all dog poop from your yard NOT only for the quality of your photos, but for the quality of our shoes — and any pet toys from inside the house.

TRASH: hide exterior trash cans from the view of the home from the street.

POOL: remove pool toys, cleaner, nets and brushes from view..

CONSTRUCTION: remove any construction materials from the exterior to optimize photo quality. There should not be construction or workers on site during the shoot.