Terms and Conditions

Thank you for booking your photo shoot with Showing Austin, LLC!


We require a 50% non-refundable deposit to book a photo shoot. Full payment is required before downloading photos and using other media, after you are able to preview your photos and any other media services. By paying for, and downloading, your hi resolution photos, videos, 360 tours, floor plans, etc. you agree that you are satisfied with the final deliverables.

We require a 72 hour advanced notice to cancel or reschedule. We reserve to the right to retain the 50% non-refundable deposit for cancellation, and 25% for rescheduling (except in the case of inclement weather).


We reserve the right to require full payment of the photo shoot if and when the photo shoot is unable to occur or is canceled after we arrive for your appointment (except in the case of inclement weather).

All properties should be photo-ready when we arrive and the following link should be read by agent/manager/client and/or provided to homeowner/landlord/seller before your appointment: https://showingaustin.com/prep-home/

Please copy the PRE-SHOOT CHECKLIST link above and provide to client(s). Although, we recommend a professional home staging company, please at least follow the guidelines in the checklist link above.

Due to liability of potentially damaging furniture, flooring, walls, decor, etc. we do not move furniture, exercise equipment, appliances, picture frames, pet supplies, etc. Additionally, we do not touch nor move personal items (i.e. toiletries, clothing, kitchen supplies, personal hygiene items from showers, tubs, counters, sinks, etc).

Although we will certainly help with minor touchups like moving pillows and trash cans around if nec., the property should be ready to go when we arrive. So, please, be sure these are removed or hidden as they can be visible in photos. This is for the most efficient and successful photo shoot possible, with the best results within the timeframe scheduled.

Unless it is pouring rain, we will still be able to photograph your property. With cloudy skies, we are able to make skies blue. However, if you so choose, we can always book for the next available appointment prior to our arrival for your appointment.

All photos are © Copyright by Showing Austin, LLC. We grant a royalty free license to the payor to reproduce, distribute, display, prepare works of, and publicly present the images in perpetuity. However, we do not give away ownership or copyright to any of our work and reserve the rights to copyright infringement, including but not limited to past infringement. Customer hereby acknowledges that they may not sell, distribute, give away or other exchange any media provided by Showing Austin, LLC. Showing Austin, LLC retains the rights to use any photos, scans or video for promotional purposes of Showing Austin, LLC. Any transfers of images must be approved by Showing Austin, LLC and/or paid for.

Additionally, you may absolutely not distribute our photos to someone who has not obtained usage rights from Showing Austin, LLC, including but not limited to other brokers, agents, investors, property owners and property managers.

We will only store and archive your media for 30 days. Customers are required to back up and store the media delivered.

Matterport tours are available online for 3 months. We offer the transfer to your account after 3 months without an additional charge.

Floor plan measurements deemed are highly reliable but not guaranteed.